Executive Summary

Orleans, Canty, Novy provides civil defense litigation services for an established array of clients, including insurers, transportation and logistics companies, and for other industries in need of counsel in the defense of personal injury and property damage related claims and suits. Practice areas include insurance coverage consultation and litigation, cargo claim and litigation defense, and other industry specific legal services. The firm is made up of two members, Jason Orleans and Steven M. Canty, Senior Counsel, Steven B. Novy, and five Associates and has offices in Waukegan and Chicago, Illinois. Litigation services are provided in State and Federal Courts.

General Firm Description

The firm provides civil defense litigation services, with a focus on what is traditionally known as “insurance defense,” meaning the firm is typically retained by insurance companies to defend their insureds in defense of claims and suits for bodily injury, property loss, and cargo loss. The firm also is engaged for insurance coverage consultation and litigation. A substantial portion of the firm’s litigation practice involves transportation defense for a variety commercial entities, including motor carriers and logistics companies. Other areas of concentration include the defense of construction injury and defect claims and suits, premises liability claims and suits, and defense of general tort claims and suits. Services will involve the defense of existing and new claims, suits, and consultation matters, as well as “emergency response” coordination to catastrophic transportation and construction incidents.

The firm also represents self-insured entities in the defense of transportation, construction, and premises liability claims and suits. Additionally, the firm’s practice will involve risk management consultation, commercial contract review and drafting, and other transactional work primarily related to the transportation and construction industries.

Mission Statement

The firm’s mission is to provide service oriented, result driven, advocacy on behalf of its clients, in a manner worthy of client trust. It is the firm’s aim to provide thorough litigation and legal services, while at the same time, being mindful of the client’s litigation management requirements and budgetary concerns. The firm draws from its experience in the industries serviced and trusted relationships with clients, consultants, experts, and other attorneys throughout the country, to execute its legal work in a diligent and civil manner, so as to garner and maintain the respect of clients, attorneys, mediators, and Judges in the legal communities in which the firm is called upon to work.

The firm’s members, are, and will, continue to be active participants and leaders in relevant industry organizations, and will strive to build on well established relationships with those in the industries served. This will allow the firm to continue to grow, while applying the knowledge and expertise acquired over years of individual and collective experience.

Operational Plan

The firm has offices in Lake County, Illinois and in the Chicago, Illinois “loop” areas. Its Members are Steven M. Canty and Jason Orleans. Steven B. Novy, the most senior attorney in the practice will assume the title of Senior Counsel. The firm has five Associate attorneys, including, Laura P. Gordon, Richard M. Tomich, William F. Moore, Bradley A. Bertkau, and Roenan Patt.

The firm is managed by its Members, Steven M. Canty and Jason Orleans. Senior Counsel, Steven B. Novy, offers senior leadership and experience based upon his over 40 years of experience as a practicing attorney. Each file or assignment is managed by Mr. Canty, Mr. Orleans, or Mr. Novy. An Associate is designated to each file or assignment. Additional associates may render services on a particular matter as needed. The administrative assistants are managed by the “Team Leader.” Monthly administrative meetings are held to address operational issues and firm processes on an ongoing basis.